Friday, May 22, 2009

Tommy Doyle's 05/14/09

Heya folks -- a couple of songs here from my humble self, and some wicked banjo from Brian. It seems we were all in a Canadian state of mind that night.

Mary Ann

I learned this Nova Scotia song when I was in high school. Actual Canadians never seem to have heard of it.

Frosty Morning/Brenda Stubbert's

An old time tune paired with a Cape Breton reel.

The Field Behind the Plough

I hope Stan was smiling down at us from Canadian heaven.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tommy Doyle's 05/07/09

Maids of Mount Kisco/The Sligo Maid/The Swallow's Tail

Great set of Sligo reels here from Sean and Laura -- I've got to learn that third one.

The Peacock's Feather/The Home Ruler/Off to California

I learned the first of these hornpipes from the playing of Mike Rafferty, though I am not sure he would approve of the density of my triplets.

The Plough and Stars/The Corner House/The Redhaired Lass

Another set of reels from Dan and Bev here.


Been singing this Woody Guthrie song since I was a kid.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Banshee 04-29-09

Sorry there haven't been any updates recently, I have been having some computer trouble. Here are a few things from the Banshee.

Music in the Glen/The Old Copperplate/Jackie Coleman's/The Skylark

Learned this first tune from Mike Rafferty's playing at our session at the IAANJ back in NJ. The other 3 all come from (you guessed it) Dan and Bev. Get on that Skylark, lads.

The Cruel War

Melissa and I have been singing this for a while, but this is the first time I got a good recording of it. I learned it from my mother. Real nice mando work from David here.

The Handsome Cabin Boy

Speaking of David, he had been holding out on us!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Banshee 04-01-09

Nice blasht of music here from last night -- enjoy!

Cooley's/The Sally Gardens/The Bird in the Bush

We used to play this set in Kentucky -- weep no more, my lady! I put John's pic here in honor of his sage advice at the beginning of the set.

Watchin' the Apples Grow

I love this Stan Rogers song -- no offence to Ontarians.

Farrell O'Gara/DeVanny's Goat/The Wise Maid

Great set here from Laura! I will get that goat yet -- I almost had it by the third time through.

Settin' the Woods on Fire/Jambalya/I Saw the Light

You could think of this as a set of Hank Williams' tunes.

Great strathspey and reels here from herself -- until dear Emerald tells me the names of the tunes, you will have to make due with my comic subsitiutes.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paddy O'Brien's, Paddy O'Brien's, and Paddy O'Brien's

Been going through some old recordings, and I found this set, from last year at The Irish Pub, in Quincy. I love these tunes! Thanks to Dan and Bev for teaching them to me. All you Boston sessioneers, if you wanna get on my good side, learn these tunes!

Easter Sunday/Patrick's Night/The Four-Leafed Shamrock

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Banshee -- 01-28-09 -- Cider

I wrote this song a few years ago, on the occaision of the death of the last traditional cider makers in Sussex county. Ah, for a jug of the local stuff!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Banshee 03-18-09 -- Quakers!

Here are a few tunes.

Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Jimmy Ward's/The Kesh

I think I would rather merrily kiss the quaker's wife, but to each his own. Careful observers will note that Liam still can't manage the C part of the tune, and reverts to chords at that point. Just wanted to clear that up -- definitely not an arrangement. ;-)

The Mountain Road/The Wind that Shakes the Barley/Drowsey Maggie

Bit of comedy here...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Banshee 03-18-09 -- Do You Love an Apple?

We had a nice session at the Banshee the day after Paddy's day -- here is a little taste, more to come soon.

Singer: Melissa
Guitar: Liam
Fiddle: Seán

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tommy Doyle's 02-04-09

Here is a nice set of tunes from Tommy Doyle's. I am afraid that I hijacked David after the 2nd one... To play the Tarbolton without the other 2 is to court the wrath of God.

The Boys of the Lough/The Tarbolton/The Longford Collector/The Sailor's Bonnet

Whistle: David
Guitar: Liam (first tune)
Flute: Liam (the other 3)
Fiddle: Sean

Update 03-24-09 -- Fixed the .mp3 for this one -- might wanna re-download it, if it is on your ipod.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Banshee 02-03-09

What a great sesh at the Banshee last week. Here are some highlights...

I Buried my Wife/Hag at the Churn/The Swallow's Tail/Banish Misfortune

The place filled up early, and we warmed up with these jigs. By the end of the set we realized that we would have to shift the session over to the window. After we reconvened...

Farewell to Ireland/The Humours of Tulla

Emerald is absolutely savage on these tunes. Fair play to ya, dear.

Dinny O'Brien's/Farewell to Connaught/Craig's Pipes

If Seáinín and I have a signature set, it is these. I learned the first two from Dan Cummins and Bev Buchanan, who I wish would come up to Boston for a visit.

Farewell to Nova Scotia

This song is coming together nicely!

The Cottage in the Grove/The Otter’s Holt/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter

Seán leads off this classic North Connaught set.

The Star of Munster/The Wise Maid

Back Home in Derry

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Green Briar 01-26-09

Here are a couple of songs from the Briar.

Don't Sing Love Songs

Singer: Melissa Foley

This song has rapidly become one of my favorites.

Amhrán Shandyston Mheiriceá

Amhránaí: Liam Mheiriceá

Rinne mé an t-amhrán seo faoi mo bhaile féin i New Jersey, Sandyston, i lár na sléibhte in iarthuaisceart an stáít.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Green Briar 01-12-09

Great sesh at the Green Briar on Monday! Here are some highlights.

DeVanney's Goat/Music in the Glen/Boys of Malin

Box: Mike Reynolds
Guitar: Liam Hart
Fiddle: Sean Connor

The first set of the tunes of the night, and a nice one! Mike warms us up on the goat and the glen, and leaves us all behind on the Boys of Malin.

England's Motorway

Vocal and Guitar: Liam Hart
Box: Mike Reynolds
Fiddle: Sean Connor

If you ignore my occasional missed fret, this came out pretty nice.

Craig's Pipes/The Bucks of Oranmore/Come West along the Road

Box: Mike Reynolds
Guitar: Liam Hart
Fiddle: Sean Connor
The whole crowd.

The Dark-Eyed Gypsy

Amhránaí: Feargal Ó Béarra

Feargal Ó Béarra was visiting us from Conamara, and gave us this great song. He is off to Washington next week to see the inauguration, but said he would be back in on the 26th. Mark your calendars! This was too good to leave off, despite all the noise.

Deoraí Thír an Fhia/The Silver Spear

Vocal and Guitar: Liam Hart
Fiddle: Sean Connor
The Whole Crowd.

Amhrán Dalta

Vocal and Guitar: Liam Hart

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Banshee 01-07-09

Here is a set of reels from last week's session at the Banshee.

The Congress/The Star of Munster/The Wise Maid

Fiddle: Sean Connor
Mandolin: Phil Harwood
Whistle: Liam Hart

There are some other players there as well -- anyone who can identify them, post a comment.

Some great stuff from the Briar 1-13 coming soon!