Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Banshee 04-01-09

Nice blasht of music here from last night -- enjoy!

Cooley's/The Sally Gardens/The Bird in the Bush

We used to play this set in Kentucky -- weep no more, my lady! I put John's pic here in honor of his sage advice at the beginning of the set.

Watchin' the Apples Grow

I love this Stan Rogers song -- no offence to Ontarians.

Farrell O'Gara/DeVanny's Goat/The Wise Maid

Great set here from Laura! I will get that goat yet -- I almost had it by the third time through.

Settin' the Woods on Fire/Jambalya/I Saw the Light

You could think of this as a set of Hank Williams' tunes.

Great strathspey and reels here from herself -- until dear Emerald tells me the names of the tunes, you will have to make due with my comic subsitiutes.