Friday, May 22, 2009

Tommy Doyle's 05/14/09

Heya folks -- a couple of songs here from my humble self, and some wicked banjo from Brian. It seems we were all in a Canadian state of mind that night.

Mary Ann

I learned this Nova Scotia song when I was in high school. Actual Canadians never seem to have heard of it.

Frosty Morning/Brenda Stubbert's

An old time tune paired with a Cape Breton reel.

The Field Behind the Plough

I hope Stan was smiling down at us from Canadian heaven.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tommy Doyle's 05/07/09

Maids of Mount Kisco/The Sligo Maid/The Swallow's Tail

Great set of Sligo reels here from Sean and Laura -- I've got to learn that third one.

The Peacock's Feather/The Home Ruler/Off to California

I learned the first of these hornpipes from the playing of Mike Rafferty, though I am not sure he would approve of the density of my triplets.

The Plough and Stars/The Corner House/The Redhaired Lass

Another set of reels from Dan and Bev here.


Been singing this Woody Guthrie song since I was a kid.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Banshee 04-29-09

Sorry there haven't been any updates recently, I have been having some computer trouble. Here are a few things from the Banshee.

Music in the Glen/The Old Copperplate/Jackie Coleman's/The Skylark

Learned this first tune from Mike Rafferty's playing at our session at the IAANJ back in NJ. The other 3 all come from (you guessed it) Dan and Bev. Get on that Skylark, lads.

The Cruel War

Melissa and I have been singing this for a while, but this is the first time I got a good recording of it. I learned it from my mother. Real nice mando work from David here.

The Handsome Cabin Boy

Speaking of David, he had been holding out on us!